Juniors Enquiries

For all enquiries, please contact your Junior Age Group Manager

Juniors - U10 to U17

Prior to U10, the emphasis of Minis rugby is to ensure the kids have a good time and develop some skills. In particular there has been no grading of the teams, no keeping scores and no competition tables . . . . . hopefully the boys andgirls have been learning the game in a team environment.


In under 10s, the Teams will be playing in competitions which keep scores. There will be a competition ladder during the season and semi finals and grand finals at the end of the season. Games will be played on either a Friday night or a Sunday.


There will be 12 players on the field plus reserves for each team and you can expect to play teams such as St Ives, Wahroongah, Mosman.


Grading - The overriding principal will be to put kids in a team that is suited to their ability and for the team to play in a comp in which it is competitive.

The selection process – there will be trial games at the beginning of the season. We will also be looking closely at how each individual handles himself at training. There will be a range of selectors and input from prospective coaches.


Transfers – there will be some movement of players amongst teams during the first four weeks of the season. This may be due to a number of reasons including injuries, re-grading, availability etc.


It is very important that parents do not expect a child and more importantly not have children expect to be graded in a particular team based on where you think they may stand today.


The boy’s and girls will settle into their teams, make new mates and enjoy themselves. Please encourage them whatever grade they make.If you have any other questions or issues, please talk to us.


Enjoy the season and look forward to the exciting times ahead