History of Kawanishi & Lindfield


In the year 2000, Lindfield Junior Rugby Club (LJRC) established a touring relationship with the Kawanishi Rugby Club in Japan. The initial relationship was established between LJRC and Mr Kazuo Yoshioka, President for Life of Kawanishi Rugby School. The Kawanishi and Lindfield clubs’ Under 11s and 12s have subsequently visited each other in alternate years.


The 2017 Tour by LJRC to Kawanishi is the 17th tour in which the clubs have participated.


The inbound and outbound tours offer competitive rugby with matches against a range of schools and clubs both in Australia and Japan. They also offer a diverse and deep cultural experience to players and parents, both in hosting families and on tour.


In Japan, the LJRC touring party will play in four rugby gala days, visit the world famous sights of Kyoto and Nara, spend a day at Universal Studios in Osaka as well as visiting Hiroshima on a day trip. More importantly, whilst in Kawanishi the tourists will stay in the homes of local Japanese families, experience their culture, lifestyle, food and language, and build friendships for life.


The relationship with Kawanishi is very special to the Lindfield Junior rugby family, to its current and past players and parents alike.