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For 100 years, Lindfield has been an integral part of Rugby in Sydney

In the beginning...

World War I and a group of local Lindfield lads are engaged in the heat of battle on the fields of France. Such are the horrific circumstances of this engagement, these soldiers decide that if they are ever able to return home, they will create a sporting club so that their children and descendants can enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Some did indeed return and approached the local Ku-ring-gai Council who granted permission to set aside a parcel of land from a public reserve on Tryon Road in East Lindfield, which had been dedicated in 1904. With voluntary labor and the assistance of council, Lindfield Oval as we know it today was carved from a rocky sandstone ridge. Befitting the memory of their fallen comrades, the Gates of Remembrance were constructed at the entry to the Oval with the names of these comrades inscribed thereon.


Lindfield Junior Rugby Club

The Garden of Remembrance, with English and Australian Flora surrounding the gates, is a beautiful setting to ensure a wonderful environment for a sporting club. The original sandstone can be seen forming a retaining wall on the southern side of the ground. The physical setting of the venue is the same today as it was then. In 1922, the 88-hectare public reserve was renamed Soldiers Memorial Park.

In 1923, residents of the local Lindfield District decided to create a cricket club and cricket has been played on the oval every summer since, despite the intervention of The Great Depression and WWII.

Then the Club

The Lindfield Rugby Club first appears in Rugby Records in 1920.

Although little is known about the club during this time, it is known that the club ground was Lindfield Oval, the original Club colors that still remain to this day, were Sky Blue and White and that a team was entered in a 3rd Grade Metropolitan Junior Rugby Union competition.

In 1946, Metropolitan Sub District Rugby Union resumed its competition, having been absent from the field since 1941 due to WWII, and in 1947, Lindfield Rugby Club re-entered competition, with a membership of 25. Two teams were entered (1st and 2nd-grade juniors). The same year also saw the first of the inaugural Lindfield Rugby Club balls. 136 people attended the first Club dance, held at the Lindfield Masonic Club. The first Sub-District side for Lindfield was entered in the first year of the Burke Cup competition in 1948.


The Club expands to new Clubhouse and facilities

In 1954, work began on raising funds for and building the clubhouse at Soldiers Memorial Oval. The top wooden portion of the club was the original East Roseville YMCA building and was relocated by the council and placed on top of the newly constructed showers and dressing rooms. The clubhouse was completed in 1960.


In 1968, the second playing oval at Tryon was completed, and the club fielded a record 27 teams in the competition.  In 2002, the Club extended its home grounds to include Koola Park in Killara.  Currently, the Seniors and Minis (Under 6s to Under 9s) play home games at Tryon Oval, with the Juniors (Under 10s to Under 17s) playing at Koola Park.


The club had the honor of its first Wallaby selection in 1969

Bruce Taafe was selected to tour. Other Australian representatives who have Lindfield origins include Stirling Mortlock, Andrew Blades, Cameron Blades and Jack Demspey.  Nick Farr-Jones became Patron of the Junior Club in 2003.

The Club goes from Strength to Strength

In 2000, Lindfield established a touring relationship with Kawanishi Rugby in Japan, and the clubs' Under 11s and 12s have subsequently visited each other in alternate years. In 2022 it is our turn to visit Japan.

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