We are the boys of old Lindfield club…….HEY !!

Were never happy till were in the mud…….HEY !!!

Hey there, Ho There Come Join In.

We never let a clean man come in………..HEY !!

We never falter, we never fall, we get stuck into -- each stinky maul.!!


Now that were here at the club at the club, and the coach has declared it a session……

we’ll train till the day breaks anew, for we’re having a wonderful time!

Throw the grumps all away, start again, start again for the boys of old Lindfield are together.


HIP RAY!!, HIP RAY!!, HIP RAY!!…. Ray Ray Ray!!

We will laugh till the dawn breaks anew and may the memories of old Lindfield last forever.




Were the boys of old Lindfield, so back to the club for more.

Club Song


Training is at Koola Park [Koola] and Lindfield Oval [Tryon]

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