2015 Kawanishi Tourists & Tour Role




Club President                                                         Andrew Heaven

Tour Leader                                                             Kevin Pringle

Assistant Tour Leader                                            David Pozzecco

Translator                                                                 Kirstin Ritchens

Coach Under 12                                                      Mark Tunnicliffe

Coach Under 11                                                      Brant James




Medic                                                                        Joe Daley

Assistant Coach Under 12                                     Mark Greenwood

Assistant Coach Under 11                                     Sandy Basten

Team Manager Under 12                                      Carmel Paterson

Team Manager Under 11                                      Richard Cox

Gear Steward Under 12                                         Jack Garner

Gear Steward Under 11                                         Shane Perkins

Human Auditor                                                       Natasha Rowe

Valuables Custodian/Lost Property                     Angus Dennis

Communications Manager                                    Duncan Bathgate

Referee/ Linesman/Water Boy                              Andrew Heaven/Paul Steinwede

Photographer Under 12                                         Jo Bush

Photographer Under 11                                         Linda Hutton

Cultural Presentation Co-ordinator                      Virginia Thompson

Gifts/Trophy Co-ordinators                                   Kirsten Johns

Tour Reporter Under 12                                         Jo Lilley

Tour Reporter Under 11                                         Carolyn Walsh

Master of Arms                                                        Stephen O’Keeffe




Receives all accolades, otherwise does nothing - a reward for all the work during the season 


Tour Leaders

Verbose thank yous, copious smiling, bowing and nodding. Displaying an inspiring example of rugby tour etiquette. Ensuring all tour activities and roles are running to program. Liaising on disciplinary issues.  Writing UN speeches daily



Manage Club gifts for official functions such as dinners and games.



Translating for various welcomes and thank yous.


Gear Stewards

Look after rugby and medical kit to make sure they are accounted for at all times.


Team Managers and Water Boy

Ensuring teams are where they have to be and all team members are informed. There is likely to be 3 or 4 games daily over two weekends. Assisting ‘human auditor’ during touring activities. Keeping the boys hydrated, passing on coaching messages. It can be very hot in Japan.


Valuables Custodian

Looking after valuables. Assisting with official gifts.



General first aid, should be first aid qualified at a minimum. Duties may include initial assessment of rugby injuries and treatment for minor problems, strapping and liaising on medical issues.



Maintaining Lindfield’s proud tradition of not losing a game in Japan in the previous 10 tours. Any loss will require hari-kari or at least buying tour leaders a round to consol their embarrassment.



Responsible for a pictorial record of the tour highlighting games, spectators and tour activities.


Tour Reporters

Keep an entertaining record of each day’s activities for both posterity and for those not lucky enough to be part of the tour. Ideally a diary or blog should be sent daily. Photos and Blogs to be posted on Tour Website.


Cultural Presentation Manager

Organise a ‘show’ by the boys at the welcome dinner, highlighting Lindfield and Australia’s extraordinary talent and culture. The Kawanishi teams have set a VERY high standard. Song book for bus trips.


Human Auditor

Ensure all present and correct. Responsible for the ever popular ‘count off’ before leaving any venue.


Master at Arms

Ensure boys’ behaviour is a credit to the club. Particularly important to ensure good manners are displayed in public areas, such as trains where there is strict etiquette.