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REGISTER and PLAY for Lindfield
the perfect place for kids to have fun, make friends
and create memories that last a lifetime 

Why Play Rugby at Lindfield?

Looking for an all inclusive sport for your child that burns their abundant energy and keeps them fit, in a social environment!

Rugby is the ultimate team sport, building important life skills such as respect, resilience, personal communication and team work, all in a fun and supportive environment.

The great thing about rugby is that there’s as a spot for every kid on the team, no matter their size, age or experience. Boys & Girls from U4 all the way through to U17 are all welcome, and there has been a surge of girls taking to the field with almost a 50/50 split in schools across Australia.

If you or your child are considering rugby for your winter sport, we would love you to join our Lindfield Junior Rugby Club!

If you would like more information please contact us via this pre-registration link https://www.lindfieldjuniorrugby.com.au/preregistration

Join us:

Girls 7s 2021 Season


5.30pm Training Wednesdays

Season 2021

Minis (U5-U9) Preseason Training

Sunday 4-5pm, 14, 21 & 28 March

  • Try some rugby fun drills

  • Meet other kids who play rugby

  • Girls & Boys 5 or older  

Registration 2021 Now Open

Welcome to the 2021 Season.
For all Minis players (U5 through to U9s) we are offering some great voucher incentives to join us (effectively your first season is free if you use your Active Kids Voucher). For U5 & U6 kids only if you use your Active Kids Voucher, you will be playing the season on us, irrespective of any vouchers received....enjoy!
For those returning minis players, if you encourage a new minis player to sign-up with us you will also receive the same voucher benefits (see below).
Registration this year is again via Rugby Xplorer  (Desktop or App). Importantly, if you are a returning family your details will be recognised when you register. If you are a new family, you can create a new account.
Three simple steps to register and play


  1. Get ‘Active Kids' vouchers from RMS: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher

  2. Register at Rugby Australia through following link: https://myaccount.rugby.com.au/ or the Rugby Xplorer' app

  3. Claim your 'Rebel Sports and Save our Village' reward vouchers (new and existing members). If you were referred or you signed up a new member please fill in the following digital form http://tiny.cc/ljrcreferrals, so we can provide you with your reward vouchers. A big thank you!



  • Group Skills and Fun activities

  • Might 5's Opening Soon!!!

  • Focus is FUN and skills development.

  • Mighty 5's sessions run by Little Legends

  • 7-a-side tag

  • (U6 & U7)

  • Focus is FUN and skills development.

  • U6 & 7 Modified game formats 

  • Non-contact until U8s

FREE Junior Waratahs Membership for 2021 - see every Tahs home game live

Yearly Fee (use your Active Kids Voucher to reduce our Fee)

Includes Shorts, Socks, & Training T-shirt


Club Jersey Loan for the Season

$20 Family Discount for Siblings

Little Legends age-specific Coaching

ARU Participation Fees

Insurance Coverage

Ground Hire Fees

FREE Junior Waratahs Membership for 2021 - see every Tahs home game live

Yearly Fee (use your Active Kids Voucher to reduce our Fee)


Includes Shorts, Socks, & Training T-shirt


Club Jersey Loan for the Season

$20 Family Discount for Siblings

ARU Participation Fees

Insurance Coverage

Ground Hire Fees

  • 7-a-side Tackle (U8)

  • 10-a-side Tackle (U9)

  • Modified formats of the game focused on FUN, safety & player development.

  • Introduction to Tackling, Scrums and Lineouts

FREE Junior Waratahs Membership for 2021 - see every Tahs home game live

Yearly Fee (use your Active Kids Voucher to reduce our Fee)

Includes Shorts, Socks, & Training T-shirt


Club Jersey Loan for the Season

$20 Family Discount for Siblings

ARU Participation Fees

Competition Management Fees


Fees for Professional Coaches


Access to Skills Development Clinics


Insurance Coverage


Ground Hire Fees

  • U10-U11 12-a-side Tackle

  • U12 & up 15-a-side Tackle

  • Graded teams to ensure even competition and maximise safety and player development

FREE Junior Waratahs Membership for 2021 - see every Tahs home game live

Yearly Fee (use your Active Kids Voucher to reduce our Fee)

Includes Shorts, Socks, & Training T-shirt


Club Jersey Loan for the Season

$20 Family Discount for Siblings

ARU Participation Fees

Competition Management Fees


Fees for Professional Coaches


Access to Skills Development Clinics


Insurance Coverage


Ground Hire Fees

  • 7-a-side Tackle

  • Girls Sizzling 7s

  • 8-week competition

  • 60+ teams (U10-U17s) starting from 13th February.

Important: Girls wanting to play in our Girls Rugby 7s (u10 - 17) need to register as '7'S JUNIOR') 


Any questions contact  Ivan Chan 0434185417 or 


Rego includes insurance, shorts, socks and shirt and entry to Sizzling 7's in February

Any registered Lindfield player will be eligible to trial for the Gordon Representative Sevens teams to play at the state championships.

Some helpful tips:


Active Kids Vouchers

If your child is attending a primary or high school in NSW in 2021, you are eligible to receive an Active Kids Voucher (valued at $100).  You MUST have the voucher before registering as it cannot be redeemed afterwards.  Visit https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/active-kids to get your voucher. 


Player Profile

Please make your child's profile ‘public’. To do this, you will need to select NO when you get to this section. This profile is used for the team sheet and the opposition manager must be able to view the names and photos.  



Please upload an up-to-date photo at the time of registration.  Please remember no hat or caps and the photo is to be head and shoulders only. 


If you are a coach or manager, please upload your photo at the time you register as a volunteer. 


Family Discount

To obtain the family discount, ALL family participants must be registered in one go. If you don't, the family discount doesn’t apply.  And remember that all the players need to be registered at the same club. If you encounter any problems along the way you can email rugbyxplorer@rugby.com.au.  If you are still having issues, please contact us via email at registrar@lindfieldjuniorrugby.com.au

Bring a Mate - Refer a friend and get a $50 Rebel Gift Card


Everyone likes an extra bonus, and everyone likes to help a mate. If you introduce a friend, who is new to the club, we'll give you a $50 Rebel Sports Gift card, when your mate registers & pays to plus with us in the 2021 season.


Plus, if you are in Minis, we will also give you a $50 Save our Village voucher, AND your mate will also receive the Rebel Sports Gift card and Save our Village Voucher (both effectively playing our great game for free this season).


Once paid simply go to this link to let us know. http://tiny.cc/ljrcreferrals and we will make sure you receive your thank you reward.


Should you have any queries in the meantime, please email or call:

Minis Rugby:         U5's to U9's Peter Solomon    vpminis@lindfieldjuniorrugby.com.au      0437001016 

Juniors Rugby:      U10's & Up Jason Hughes      vpjuniors@lindfieldjuniorrugby.com.au    0409869414 

Girls Rugby:          U10 - U17 Ivan Chan              7s@LindfieldJuniorRugby.com.au            0434185417 


Club Registrar: Lisa Rothwell:


0413 762 847

Important Info & Dates for 2021

Lindfield Junior Rugby Academy:

“get fit, get strong, get better, get your limited addition LJRC Training Singlet”: Sunday afternoons 4.00pm Lower Tryon: 7 Feb – 28 Feb 2021.


For those players who can’t get enough or just want to get a head start, please come to the Lindfield Junior Rugby Academy (open to current and new players). The four sessions will be run by Aaron Christie (Club Coach) and external celebrity coaches. Cost $20 (including training singlet).


To register go to: https://www.trybooking.com/BNSYH


Questions or Queries: Aaron Christie clubcoach@lindfieldjuniorrugby.com.au


Preseason Training:

We have revamped pre-season training, with a view to making it fun and interesting for all involved. Put the following dates in your diaries.
Minis (U5’s-U9’s)
Sunday 7th March – Orientation Day, 3.30pm St Ives Showground
Sunday 14, 21 & 28  March - Tryon Oval No 2
Juniors Pre U10’s – u17’s
Sunday 7th March – Orientation Day, TBC, 4 – 5.30pm
Sunday 14th March –  Sunday 28th March - Trials venue tbc


Orientation Day:

Sunday 7 March from  3.30pm St Ives Showground. This is our season opener and get together. There will pre-season training and Let’s Try Rugby followed by normal season opening celebrations: jumping castles, BBQ’s, DJ and bar et al. We are looking forward to welcoming our girls and their families for the first time.


Other Key Dates:

Girls Sizzling Sevens: First round 13 February 2021.


Back to Lindfield Night: Friday 23 April: Tryon Oval from 5pm. Drinks, BBQ - come along - it will be fun for all of us to start the season at Tryon. It is mini’s first training session, there will be specialist positioning training with ex-Wallaby coaches (for Juniors) plus specialist sevens coaching for the girls.

Lindfield Junior Rugby Club Icebreaker: Saturday 27th March at West Lindfield Sports Club (Details to follow).


First Round & Gala Day: Juniors & Minis -  1st and 2nd May


Jersey and Jeans (Season Opening Social Function and Ice-breaker) 8 May (Greengate Hotel) – more details to follow from our social team


Information for 2021


  • Rugby is for boys and girls … 

  • The age group you’re in depends on how old you’re turning that year. So players turning 6 in 2021 will be in the under 6's and so on. 

  • Game styles and rules have been modified to suit each age group … under 5's to under 7's is purely non-contact (no tackle).

  •  Games are on Saturday mornings for the under 5's to under 9's (the odd Sunday game) and either Friday evenings or Sunday for under 10's and up.

  • The season finishes at the end of August with no games during school holidays.

  • Your registration fee covers gear, insurances, coaching, competition administration fees and individual player participation fees from Rugby Australia.

  • Each team has a dedicated manager who is one of the team parents. The team manager will communicate important information to you each week including game details etc. They're there to help you with any questions you might have throughout the season.  We would LOVE for you to be involved! 




How do I get a NSW Active Kids Voucher to save $100?

1. Go to https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/active-kids… this is a NSW Government Services portal for all things government.

2. If you have an account then Log In or setup a new account if you’ve never had one.

3. Search for “Active Kids” and follow the prompts to apply. It’s too easy! You will need your Medicare card details for each player you are applying for.

4. Record the voucher number (Service NSW will send you an email with the details too)

5. Then click on the appropriate “Join Today” button above for the player you are registering. When prompted please enter your voucher number.


Can I register first and then get my Active Kids Voucher later?

No. You must have an Active Kids Voucher BEFORE registering your child.  Please have all details with you when going through the registration process as the voucher cannot be applied afterwards.


How do age groupings work?

The age group you’re in depends on your age at the start of the year. For example players turning 6 in 2021 will be in the under 6's etc. 


Are all kids in the same team the same age?

Generally they are. In certain exceptional cases a player might be a year younger than everyone else in the team. For example, you might have an under 9's team where one of the players in the team actually qualifies for the under 8's age group and should technically be in a team in the under 8's. The practice isn’t recommended but it does occur occasionally,  particularly when a player has joined the club very young and plays with the same team as they progresses through the years.


Do I select my child's age or the team's age group when registering?

If your child will be playing “up” in an age group above his or her actual age then select the age group for the team they’ll be a part of. For example an under 7 player who will play in an under 8 team should be registered as an under 8 player.


My child wants to play in a higher age group with school friends?

As a club we discourage this practice due to the potential safety risks of playing against opponents who are a year older. The style of game that each age group plays is tailored to the skills and abilities of that specific age group and from a duty of care perspective, we prefer if players play in their own age group. However, there are exceptions to this rule and requests are assessed individually by the appropriate Vice President and a decision made.


Can I pay the fees in cash or by direct deposit?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept payments in cash or by direct transfer. You can pay via credit card when you register on the web.


Is medical insurance included?

Yes. A portion of your registration fee is used to pay for the ARU Insurance Plan. This plan covers all registered players for injuries whilst engaging in rugby for the club; whether it be at training, during a game or overseas or interstate on a club tour.

The insurance coverage is for medical expenses that are not in any way covered by Medicare and after reimbursement from your private health fund. Examples of items covered include; physiotherapy, dental, hire of artificial aids such as splints and crutches, etc. As a club we recommend all players have private health insurance as well.


I tried registering but I need help?

Please contact the club Registrar, Lisa Rothwell via email on registrar@lindfieldjuniorrugby.com.au

Lindfield Junior Rugby Club | Tryon Oval, Tryon Rd, East Lindfield NSW 2070

Club Contacts 2021 Season




Sandy Basten


0438 752 124


Vice-President Juniors (U10 - U16): 

Jason Hughes


0409 869 414


Vice-President Minis (U5 - U9):

Peter Solomon


0437 001 016

7s Rugby Coordinator

Ivan Chan 





Lisa Rothwell


0413 762 847



Lisa Rothwell


0413 762 847


Treasurer and Public Officer:

Mark Harding


0428 673 549


Training is at Koola Park [Koola] and Lindfield Oval [Tryon]

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