Field Setup


(A) All grounds shall be dressed in accordance with the Laws of Rugby and these Competition Rules.


(B) In Under 10 and Under 11 Matches the field can be no more than 60 metres wide. As a result thetouchline only has to be brought in sufficient distance on either one or both sides of the Field ofPlay so that the width of the Field of Play is no greater than 60 metres.


(C) Home Teams shall ensure that objects such as cricket pitches or in-ground watering systems areproperly covered for the safety of the players.


(D) If there is no perimeter fencing then the Home Team shall ensure ropes or barriers are erected aminimum distance of 5 metres back from the touch line or, where this is not possible, as far backfrom the touch line as is practicable.


(E) Fields are to be set up with two (2) Team Zones as outlined in Appendix B.


(F) Any objection by either Team regarding the ground or the way in which it is marked out must bemade to the referee before the kick-off. If Teams cannot agree as to the safety of the ground thereferee will be the sole judge as to whether the Match may begin. If there is any doubt by thereferee as to the safety of the ground, the referee will not allow the Match to begin until theground has been made safe. If the referee elects not to start or to abandon a Match where, inthe referee’s opinion, the ground safety standards are not met, then the Match will bedetermined in accordance with Competition Rule 5.9