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​Add the Lindfield Junior Rugby Club Calendar to your phone and be cool...

  • LJRC events appear alongside your other day to day appointments

  • Details of events will be updated so you can see them in your calendar

  • You can add alerts to events you don't want to miss!


To add on your phone:

  • Make sure you're reading this page on your Mobile Phone

  • Click this link


  • Wait a few seconds, you should see something like this:

  • Click "Subscribe" or "Add"

  • You should then be able to see Lindfield event in your regular calendar. Try 'list view' to see all up and coming.

One nice thing is that you'll see LJRC events amongst your regular appointments - if you're keen, you can set your calendar colour to a nice lindfield blue:


Training is at Koola Park [Koola] and Lindfield Oval [Tryon]

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